How to choose the best movers in New Orleans

Moving can be a daunting task, but to have a successful move many people opt for a mover.

Moving companies are the best option to have a quick, less stressful and efficient move.  Let’s take a look at the variety of tasks that involve a move before we can delve into the factors to consider when choosing a mover.

You will have to pack, load and transport your property for a move to be considered successful.

Well, you can go ahead and move by yourself, but, if you need a smooth move, then the best deal is hiring a mover.

However, to hire a mover, you need to consider different factors which will result in having a smooth move.

Hiring the right company to conduct your move will ensure you have a hustle free relocation while choosing the wrong company can turn into a nightmare.

So how do you choose the best moving company to conduct your relocation? Read on and discover the right steps to follow before settling on a particular mover.

Before you can settle on a particular mover, you need to conduct a little research. This is called shopping around so that you can find the best option. This will also help you avoid scams. so

1. Get recommendations from friends

Find out from friends, family or coworkers for recommendations on the best moving company.

This will help you eliminate fraudulent companies that are after your hard-earned money and deliver sub-par services.

Of course, this is on the premise that your friends, co-workers, or family have used the mover previously and find their services exceptional.

Alternatively, you can look through your local phone directory for moving companies in your locality.

You will then call each moving company in the area and find out their initial charges so that you can have the tentative cost of the move.

This will also give you a rough idea if you can manage to hire the mover within your set budget.

Now single out the mover which fits your budget. Have them come down to your premises and do an estimate which will give you the final cost of moving.

It is best to have an in-person estimate as they will have to see the properties being moved so the estimate will be correct.

Remember to never assume that companies with big names are the best. This is because without their marketing they would not be big companies.

Also, note that never get estimates from a website and get the moving company to send over a mover to give you an estimate after going through each item on your premises.

There are sites that run multiple scams on unware movers through the ‘receive your estimate online now’ shtick.

Another aspect to remember is never to use a brokerage service provider to help you find a moving company for you.

These service providers do not follow the laws by which movers must follow.

2. Conduct the initial screening on the company

After getting the recommended list of movers, make sure to go around and do a background check on them.

This can be a lighter check by reading through the reviews provided by previous clients. Most websites list some reviews and this is a good place to start looking.

For a further check-up, you can search through the Better Business Bureau to get more information about the moving company. There is also the American Moving and Storage Association to find if the moving company is a member.

If the moving company is a member of the association, then this means that they will follow all the rules placed by the association.

However, association membership is purely voluntary and this should not rule out the company if all other aspects about the company check out.

There is another scam checking sites such as consumer advocacy websites such as sites such as these offer a blacklist of moving companies with a history of complaints.

It also includes general information and tips on moving safely.

3. Shortlist at least 3 or 4 moving companies

After shortlisting the moving companies to the final 3 or 4, then it is time to contact the moving companies for an in-home estimate.

This will enable you to have an overall overview of the cost of the move. It will also allow you to compare the companies to see which offers the best cost overall for a move.

If you are relocating to a different state, then enquire to find out if your moving company will offer a binding estimate. You can also request a binding not to exceed the estimate.

Both of these estimates will guarantee that the moving company will not increase the charges on the move or incorporate any hidden charges after moving.

Moving companies do offer free estimates and according to federal laws, non-binding estimates are legal as long as they are offered free of charge.

But the U.S Department of Transportation warns clients to always expect the final estimate to be higher.

Interstate movers will offer a charge on an estimate but most companies will offer them for free.

The estimates for interstate moves are always based on the weight of the property and the distance you are relocating to.

Moving within the same state the rules about estimates given vary depending on the state you are in.

Some states require the mover to give a written and signed estimate. Either way, the quote for the move, is based on the time the move can take.

4. Show the Moving representative everything

When the moving representative comes to your home, make sure to show him everything in your home. This includes areas such as closets, basements, attic, and the backyard.

This is to remove the possibility of the foreman challenging the quote given during the moving day.

The foreman cannot force you to pay a higher charge on the move, but he is also not obligated to move your property if the estimate is challenged.

When this point is reached, then you do not have many options especially if the move is urgent or the days you set aside for moving have elapsed.

Also, ensure that the estimator knows about any condition which may hinder the movement of stuff from our old premises.

These may include stairs, distance to the truck, and elevators. Make sure that the estimator absorbs as much information as possible about your properties and also get as much information about the company.

Getting information about a company from employees will let you know the ethos about the company.

Disgruntled employees will always be grumpy and have to drag themselves with work while the opposite is the norm for employees who are treated fairly by the companies management.

5. Review the provided estimate

The estimate is the document which when signed by the moving company and the client offer as the order and a bill of lading too.

These documents and the inventory list offered by the moving company when moving, are the most important documents.

These documents must be provided by the moving company without fail as they are your order for the move.

For interstate moving, the documents provided must describe the type of goods and their quality.

It should also state the distance to your new premises. other information which must be included in the documents includes additional services requested, insurance provided, the cost and details of coverage.

These details are included in the documents to ensure that you are not charged extra after the move.

When moving within a state, make sure to get a written estimate which states the hourly rates and any additional costs included in the move.

If you are unsure about the move, then make sure to contact the moving company and request a change.

6. Gather the estimates in a brightly coloured folder

Keep the moving estimates and inventory list in a brightly coloured folder to ensure that they are safe.

Also during the moving day, this folder is hard to miss as the day will be hectic and you can misplace the moving folding.

7. Compare bids offered

After receiving the various estimates from the moving companies, it is best to compare the bids offered.

Be aware of any moving company that has a much lower estimate compared to a median of all the other moving companies.

Make sure to note the high bills and check where the high cost is coming from.

Call the moving company if you do not understand anything from the quote given.

Also, make sure to negotiate for a better deal if you deem that a particular company is reputable.

Please note that markets with tons of competition will work with clients on pricing.

8. Check to see if the moving company is insured

A moving company needs to move you and your property legally. Check with the authorities to make sure that the moving companies are registered. They should also offer insurance on your property when relocating them.

So check the company’s name, address, phone numbers, and make sure that they are the same as the ones that were provided with the moving company.

9. Select a mover.

Based on the information gathered, you can be comfortable choosing the company which will move you to your new location.

Make sure to confirm the details and dates if your impending move. Also, ensure that you get a signed service order and bill of lading.

10. Get a copy of the inventory list

Give the overs specific directions to the new premises. Also, make sure to get a full list of inventory that is being relocated.