Commercial Movers New Orleans

Relocating can be one of the best things you do for your business, but you want to make sure that the move is done right so you can get your business restarted without delays or complications. New Orleans Movers has helped dozens of New Orleans businesses with our commercial relocation services. We understand your needs and strive to find cost-effective solutions for every challenge.

Trustworthy Commercial Movers with Experience

We have some of the best movers in the industry, and certainly in New Orleans. Instead of trying to reduce costs by hiring cheap day laborers, we know that it pays off to invest in a good team of professional, full-time movers. All of our movers have been carefully selected based on their expertise and have undergone full background checks. They also undergo additional training for commercial moving practices so you can rest assured that they are versed in skills like packing files, dismantling office furniture, and packing and handling electronics.

Planning for a Commercial Move

Once you’ve made the decision to relocate your business, there are many things you need to plan for: informing customers and clients, marketing strategies, setting up utilities… There is also the logistical aspect of getting all of your business equipment and supplies to the new location. This may seem simple enough but, if packing and moving are not done with a comprehensive plan, you can end up with a mess of boxes cluttering your new location. Employees become stressed and it takes weeks or even months before operations get up to speed.

With commercial moving services from New Orleans Movers, you can rest assured that the logistical aspects of the move are taken care of. We work closely with your business’s moving manager (if you don’t have one, you should assign someone to oversee the move!). Plans are made for keeping things organized during the transition period, such as breaking down the work areas into stations to be packed. We can also help you troubleshoot things like whether you will have your employees pack up their own stations or to use our packing services. There is no one solution which is best for every business, and we always will inform you honestly and openly of your options so you can make the right decision for your business needs.

Packing for the Commercial Move

We offer full and partial packing services for commercial relocations. Oftentimes businesses choose to do some of the packing themselves, such as getting employees involved by having them pack up their own stations, and then leaving the larger items for us. Our movers are professionals and have ample experience with moving files, taking apart modular office furniture, and handling heavy machinery. We understand how important your equipment and supplies are to your business and all items are packed and handled with care. Electronics are packed in specialty crates and cables are labeled and bagged so setup is easier. Files are packed in secure file crates. All furniture is protected with free padding and furniture wrapping.

Rigging and Craning for Large Equipment

Have large machinery for your business and not sure how you will be able to move it? We have handled all sorts of heavy machinery and have always been able to find a solution for our customers. We can arrange for rigs and cranes to be brought in to lift and move the largest pieces. Our movers can even take apart and reassemble doorframes to get machinery out, or find other solutions such as lifting machinery through windows.

Specialty Commercial Moving Services

We are a solutions-oriented moving company! No matter what challenge you have for this move, we promise to help you find the right solution suited to your needs and budget. Got heavy machinery? We can arrange for a crane to lift it out. Have important documents? We inventory everything so nothing is lost. Have items sensitive to heat and humidity? We will provide a temperature-controlled truck for the move.

Wondering how much commercial relocation services in New Orleans will cost? Contact us to find out! We offer free commercial moving estimates at your business. All quotes are guaranteed in writing and non-binding so you don’t have to make any decisions right now. There are never any hidden fees, so you can feel confident that the quote you get is what you will pay for your commercial move.