Packing and Wrapping Services

If you are going to pack for the move yourself, it is recommended that you start packing at least 2 months before moving day. Yes, it really does take this long to organize all of your items and get them packed safely. When you use our professional packing services for your move, you can avoid the hassle of having your home in disarray. Our movers get your entire home packed in just a matter of hours! We offer both residential and commercial packing services which are always tailored to your exact needs.

Full Packing Services

Our full packing services for residential moves are a good choice for people who have limited time for their move, or who simply want to avoid the stress of the move. We usually send a team of 3 to 7 professional packers to your home the day before moving to pack up everything. Our moving coordinator will give you advice on what to expect and how to prepare for the packing, such as by setting aside any items you don’t want packed (for example, you’ll want to take out the trash before the packers come and do laundry). We also advise you to go through your items well before packing day and get rid of any items you don’t want to bring with you. We can even arrange for these items to be donated or recycled for you!

Partial Packing Services

No, you don’t have to choose between packing up everything yourself or letting us to everything for you. There is a middle ground with our partial packing services. Many of our residential customers utilize these packing services for their kitchens and for certain hard-to-pack items (large mirrors, paintings, vases, antiques, fragile items, etc.). With our partial packing services, you pack as much as you’d like on your own schedule. Then, the day before moving day, a team of packers will come over and pack the remaining items up for you. Please note that some specialty items may require advance planning to be moved safely, such as if custom crating is needed. The moving coordinator will discuss this with you during your free estimate.

Specialty Packing Services

Before you contact moving companies to get estimates, we recommend that you make a basic inventory of items you own. Note any items which seem like they may be difficult to pack, such as pool tables, chandeliers, and large fragile items. We can make sure these items are moved safely by having custom crating made for them. Custom crating must be made in advance so, if you need this service, it is important that you don’t wait until the day before moving day.

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Services

Most furniture absolutely must be disassembled to fit inside the moving truck, as well as to make it in and out of your home. You probably don’t want to worry about taking apart all your beds, bookshelves, and other furniture on the night before moving day though (especially when you’ve already packed your tool box)! Our movers always come prepared to do this job for you. They have a full set of tools, including all the hex keys needed for various types of furniture. Furniture is quickly taken apart. Small parts such as screws are put into baggies and wrapped with the furniture so no part is ever misplaced. Once you arrive at your new home, our movers can quickly reassemble the furniture and even set it up exactly where you want it. This means that you will already be able to relax on your sofas and sleep in your own beds on the first night in your new home.

Unpacking Services

Unpacking can be just as stressful as packing. Wouldn’t you rather arrive at your new home and have everything already in its place? We can help with our unpacking services. When you use our unpacking services, we listen carefully to your vision of the new home. You can provide us with a floor plan and we can unpack according to specifications. Or our packers can take photos of your old home before packing it up and then replicate this in the new home, such as by putting all your items exactly how they were on your bookshelves and end tables.

Commercial Packing Services

For commercial relocations, we highly recommend that you use our packing services. The small investment in packing services can pay off drastically by reducing downtime and keeping operations running smoothly during the transition to the new location. Our moving team specializes in office packing and relocations and can help with taking apart modular workspaces (cubicles) and packing/crating electronics. We can also help with other industries including retail businesses, restaurants, warehouses, spas, tech companies, and more. Your equipment and machinery is in safe hands when you use our commercial packing services.

Affordable Packing Materials

Want to do the packing yourself? We sell affordable packing materials including boxes, labels, tissue paper, bubble wrap, dish packs, electronics crates, computer boxes, wardrobe boxes, and more. Just tell us information like the number of rooms you have, size of the home, and number of people living there and we will be able to deliver the right amount of boxes to your home. If you are moving locally, we can help you save money with our packing materials buy-back program. After you are done unpacking, give us a call and we will come pick up your used boxes so they can be reused.